Holland Elder Law Testimonials

Reduced my worry…

In a nutshell, you proved you knew the right way to get things done. You kept me up-to-date with the steps you were taking on my behalf which reduced my worry and made me feel very confident. I am resting comfortably now thanks to the work you did for me and my husband. -Josey Roberts

Dorothy Chesser

I highly recommend the Michael Holland Law Firm. They have taken my hand and led me through the mound of paper work to qualify my husband for Medicaid. I am sure I would not have been able to do the job by myself. As I stated earlier in this letter I was full of doubts, […]

Ann Keibler

Your staff was so professional, helpful, and candid with me when I called, I knew I had the right place to help with the challenge.  Thank you to you and your staff!!! As I am sure you know from the many cases this is a difficult time and Martin and Kathy have helped me relax […]

Chris Pinkard

I am one of those people that requires a reference before using an individual or service and I give a strong recommendation to the entire Holland Law Firm. You took charge of the process, saw it to a successful completion and followed up and remained available.

Sylvia Hornbacker

I was a bit skeptical at first, but your confidence convinced me I was in good hands for mom’s needs. I kept getting feedback that Holland Law Firm was the experts we needed. I know this approval for Medicaid could not have happened without the Holland firm’s team of experts. My sincere thanks!