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My name is Michael Holland, and I’m an Elder Law attorney based in Houston, Texas. As a Houston Elder Law attorney, I help families across Texas. Thank you for taking the time to visit Holland Elder Law online to learn more about what I can do for you.

“I wanted to thank you for helping me get my husband on Medicaid. I could not have gotten him on otherwise. Unlike another attorney I spoke with, you made me feel confident you would do a good job. You kept me up-to-date with the steps you were taking on my behalf which reduced my worry and made me feel very confident. I am resting comfortably now thanks to the work you did for me and my husband.”
-Josie Roberts

I specialize in making complex legal issues like Medicaid, Miller Trusts, and Estate Planning easier to manage and understand. I also provide advice on other critical legal areas, such as Wills, probate, and Powers of Attorney. 

You can learn more about how I can help with these services by clicking here.

Normally, this might be the place where I’d list all my qualifications and tell you why I believe I’m the best Elder Law attorney in Texas.

Worried about nursing home bills? Would a 20-minute phone call help ease your mind? If so, call me. The call is free, but the peace of mind you’ll gain is priceless. Call 713-970-1300.

But, this page isn’t about me. It’s about you. Your needs are why I’m here. 

“When my wife’s dementia care was too much for me to handle at home, I put her in a nursing home. I turned to Holland Law Firm for guidance. With the help of Michael Holland and his staff, I was able to restructure my savings and preserve my retirement income. The help I received from the firm was invaluable. Their knowledge of the law was first-class and handled in a professional manner. It gave me the peace of mind which I sought. I highly recommend the Holland Law firm for anyone needing assistance in a situation such as mine. -Tad Pruyn

Simply listing my credentials won’t directly reduce the financial and emotional strain of caring for your elderly parents or ailing spouse. Nor will it simplify the complexities of Miller Trusts and Medicaid.

What will help you, though?  Gaining confidence and knowledge.

Confidence comes from knowing I’ve successfully helped hundreds of families just like yours.

Another is discovering how all the pieces of the health care system fit together when you need long-term care. These two pieces alone will make your experience less costly and much less scary. Once you understand how your particular situation relates to the complicated health care and Medicaid rules, it becomes more manageable.

When you understand how your specific situation fits into the broader picture of health care and Medicaid regulations, things start to feel more manageable.

“When I first faced the Medicaid process for my aunt, it felt overwhelming and I was very stressed. I searched a lot for an elderly care attorney and finally found your firm. From the first phone call with Cathy, who made me feel at ease, to working with your team, I felt supported and relieved. You paid attention to every detail, responded quickly, and really cared.

This made the whole experience less stressful. I am truly grateful for the great service and the peace of mind that came with knowing everything was handled well. Your firm did more than I expected, offering help that went far beyond just legal services. -R.A. Walker

My aim is simple: to help you worry less and find the right solutions more quickly.

That’s why I take an educational approach with you here at Holland Elder Law. Your peace of mind is important to me. Helping you understand what lies ahead for you is one of the reasons I created this website. Here you’ll find answers to questions that will give you more confidence in the important caregiving decisions you’ll be making soon.

The goal of this site is to help you worry less and to find the right solutions faster.

On that note, here’s a list of some of the best plain-English resources available for you:

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Medicaid 101 – Is someone in your family in need of nursing home care? Do you need to quickly learn more about the Medicaid program in Texas? Start here.

Miller Trusts 101 – Worried that your family member has too much income to qualify for Medicaid nursing home benefits? Read all about Miller Trusts and how this important legal document can help you preserve a financial legacy.

The Holland Elder Law Blog – If you have specific questions related to Medicaid or Miller Trusts, try finding the answer on our blog.

Contact Us—Please email or call me. I’d love to hear from you.

Don’t feel you have to read everything on the site to get help. My legal assistants and I will be happy to answer any questions you have about what we do here at Holland Elder Law that can help you and your family.

Finally, as a thank you for your interest in my legal services, I’d like to offer you a free personalized assessment of your family’s Medicaid eligibility—no strings attached. A simple phone call is all it takes: 713-970-1300.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that nothing on this website is intended to be taken as legal advice, nor does reading it create an attorney-client relationship. The intent of this information is not to necessarily teach you how to “do it yourself.” Medicaid planning without professional help is a bad idea. Instead, the goal is to make you better informed about Texas nursing home costs, Medicaid, and Miller Trusts so you’ll feel more at ease and confident as you move forward with whichever elder law attorney you choose.