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What Houston Elder Lawyers Do

When an attorney says he or she “practices elder law” find out what types of matters the attorney normally handles. The key to finding the right lawyer for you is simple: engage an attorney who routinely addresses the types of problems that concern you.

Just as most doctors are not skilled in every facet of medicine, most attorneys are not skilled in every facet of elder law.

You want someone who is familiar enough with the problem you need solved to know how other aspects of the law might impact the steps you are considering.

As seniors age, they frequently find themselves dealing with complicated financial and health issues. Typical dilemmas involve retirement, end-of-life decisions, Social Security benefits, estate planning, long-term care, Medicare benefits, Medicaid coverage, nursing home care, in-home health care, powers of attorney, and healthcare directives. These get complicated. That’s where the advice of a reliable elder law attorney may help.

Attorneys that practice as elder care attorneys handle specific legal issues faced by an elderly population.

For example, a senior interested in updating a will but has an ailing spouse is better served by an elder law attorney well-versed on the impact Medicaid might have on that spouse’s future lifestyle.

Houston elder law attorney Michael L. Holland helps seniors of modest means preserve their resources, protect their hard-earned life savings from expensive costs of long-term care and guides families through the probate process.

Getting competent legal direction makes the entire process smoother and provides the best possible final result for the elder and his or her family.

Michael Holland provides the following services:

  • Advise on protecting assets to avoid impoverishing one spouse when the other needs nursing home care
  • Filing for Medicaid assistance
  • Long term health matters
  • Disability planning through financial and health care powers of attorney
  • Incapacity planning through the use of living wills and living trusts
  • Estate planning through the use of trusts, wills and other legal instruments
  • Probate
  • Questions about nursing home issues including patient rights and quality of care

While elder law is itself a legal niche, it also has sub-specialties. Sub-niches included among elder law include:

  • Social security claims for benefits
  • Tax planning
  • Guardianship
  • Estate trust administration
  • Elder abuse
  • Protecting seniors against fraud

When you call Holland Elder Law for an appointment, feel free to ask whatever question you have about the services I provide. I want you to be happy with the advice I provide. If I am not the right fit, I’m happy to refer you to an attorney I believe may better serve you.

Keep in mind that a good attorney keeps a full schedule. You’ll likely speak with my legal assistant when you call to set an appointment. That assistant should be able to answers questions you have about the practice or be able to get the answers for you quickly so you can decide if you want to schedule the appointment.

To find out what an elder law attorney can do for you, give me a call at 713-970-1300. I welcome your call.

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