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Needing Long-Term Care? Five Reasons Why You Should Hire an Elder Law Attorney

There are many reasons you might be looking for an elder law attorney for medicaid planning in Houston, Texas. However, one of the most common reasons is that you or a loved one is facing the need for specialized long-term nursing home care.

Unfortunately, many families unnecessarily lose tens of thousands of dollars by opting to privately cover the cost of long-term care. Usually they’ve been told that they’re ineligible for Medicaid or they’re just generally misinformed about their options.

Did you know that the average cost of nursing home care in the US is $8,000 per month?

For example, if your loved one has been sent directly from a hospital to an nursing home for thereapy, there’s a good chance nobody told you that Medicare only lasts 100 days. You might be facing an $8,000 nursing home bill with less than 30-day’s notice! Many families assume they’re on their own at this point, even though Medicaid is designed to help pay nursing home costs in situations like these.

No matter what specific circumstances are causing you or your loved one to seek long-term nursing home care, here are five really good reasons to see a competent elder law attorney

Reason 1 – Nursing Homes are NOT Non-Profit Organizations

You’d be surprised how many families automatically assume that nursing homes are either non-profit or government-funded organizations. Neither is true – nursing homes are a business like any other. Their goal is to sell their service (elder care) and make a profit. They’re not in business to provide accurate legal advice or to help your family understand their options. And they’re certainly not there to save you money!

Nursing homes often make more money from their privately-funded residents than their Medicaid-funded ones. This is because nursing homes can charge you or I much more per month than they can charge the government. Strictly from a business perspective, nursing homes actually want you to pay for their services on your own.

Of course, this isn’t to say that nursing homes and their staff are trying to steal your money. Some of the kindest and most true-hearted people I’ve ever met work in nursing homes. But, their job is to provide a safe environment with good care. It isn’t to save you money.

Reason 2 – Peace of Mind

Your peace of mind  is the most important benefit of hiring an elderly law attorney.  A competent attorney will answer all your questions accurately and provide a clear course of action for you and your family to take. He or she will tell you exactly what to expect throughout the process of Medicaid planning and qualification, which medical expenses you should plan to cover and for how long.

Reason 3 – Save Every Possible Penny

An elder law attorney’s chief goal is to help you preserve a financial legacy for your family. You don’t have to use everything in your bank account to help pay for nursing home costs. An elder law attorney will help you understand what’s protected and what’s not. This is the key to making the most of you and your loved one’s current income and assets.

Reason 4 – You’re Ineligible for Medicaid Coverage

Or so you might think…

If you need Medicaid to help pay for nursing home costs, but you looked at the income and asset guidelines and believe you’re ineligible, think again. The Texas Medicaid program is complex. Chances are that you can qualify for financial help sooner than you think. For example, a Miller Trust can help you protect certain types of income that would otherwise go directly to the nursing home.

Whatever income and assets you have available, an elder law attorney can help you make the most of your financial resources.

Reason 5. You Need Medicaid Coverage — Fast!

The faster you need financial assistance, the more important it is that you seek the services of an experienced elder law attorney. Most of my clients approach me needing immediate help with a Medicaid-related problem. Even if you have a family member in a nursing home now, it’s not too late to get help.  When it comes to Medicaid – the sooner you act the better.

Lawyers focused in elderly care law are the people who can reliably protect the maximum amount of income and assets in the shortest time possible.  These are just five reasons to consider talking to an elder law attorney.  This article is too short to cover  all the specific circumstances that warrant contacting an elder care law firm.

Whether your spouse, your sibling or your parent is the one in need of long-term care, you CAN get help paying nursing home costs.

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