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Qualified Income Trusts In Texas. What they are. How they work.

In some states (Texas being one of them), when the income of an applicant for Medicaid exceeds the monthly limit a special type of document is necessary to meet income eligibility rules.  Known as “income cap” states, they cap monthly income to $2,742 (for 2023). In these states, if your income is more than the […]

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Should you prepare a Texas Nursing Home Medicaid application yourself?

Whether or not it’s advisable to prepare and submit your own application for Texas Medicaid nursing home benefits turns on several questions: How complicated is the applicant’s financial picture? How well-organized are you? How much time do you have available? How comfortable are you dealing with a government bureaucracy? Can you afford to lose a […]

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Surprise! Medicaid Says You’re Income Is Too High

Certain states cap limit income. You’ll have high nursing home bills with too little income to cover it. A number of states apply Medicaid income limits.  These states are referred to as “Income Cap States.  The legislature in each strictly limit the amount of income an applicant for Medicaid nursing home benefits can have and […]

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